Can you do one-off designs?

Yes we can but there is an additional set-up charge to convert the image to the machine format.

Do we discount for bulk orders?

Oh yes! We like bulk orders and we like to haggle!

Do we supply the HOG patches?

No, these have to be purchased through your official HOG supplier, unless they give you permission for us to supply them. Furthermore we cannot, and will not, reproduce any registered trademarks, names or emblems. We assume that any image you ask us to produce, you have acquired the necessary authorisation.

How long do they take to arrive?

We aim to deliver within 2 weeks although during peak season this can slip a bit, sorry. PLEASE ALLOW 14/21 DAYS BEFORE CONTACTING US.

How many words can you fit on a patch?

The more characters you have, the smaller the font and the lesser the impact. 5-15 characters makes a good patch.

How much does postage cost?

UK postage is included, international carriage is £2.00 or free for orders in excess of £30.00 Sterling.

Is it safe to pay by credit card?

We only use secure servers, it is completely safe. You should see the small "lock" symbol in the corner of you desktop showing that you are entering a secure page. If you prefer to give your card number over the telephone, complete the Contact Us page and we will call you for the details.

What colour is the patch material?

Mainly Black, but we do have a few other colours, such as white, red & others - please contact us for details.

What colour is the stitching?

Pale HOG type Heritage Gold as default but you can request any colour.

Why does the name 1st-Gear.net Ltd appear on my CC statement?

This is the holding company of Bikerpatch.com